Adopt a Bull-ion

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A failed attempt at the humour behind fiat failure, this was an actual IndieGoGo campaign, didn’t raise a cent either through an unexpected uptick in general intelligence or a severe lack of advertising …Kruger Rand heart

The situation

Since the 1930’s one form of discrimination has steadily gained momentum and popularity while others became defunct and frowned upon; one of favoring worthless paper over shiny metal.

Initially there was only benefits to be had and the alchemy of creating money from nothing finally wasn’t limited to fairy tales and fantasy, but became a reality.

Surely it could never be a bad thing to have an endless supply of money? One could buy everything in the world, enough to even share with the masses and end poverty.

The system has always been painfully vulnerable to a greedy merchant or two that saw the opportunity: if people suddenly have endless supplies of money I can safely put my prices up and they won’t care, after all they have an endless supply … but of COURSE there aren’t that many greedy merchants out there right?

Fantasy turned tragedy

Fast forward some decades to today after central banks have printed with reckless abandon and kept the house of cards from toppling over by increasingly desperate measures and no matter the size of the rock you live under or the lack of comprehension when it comes to economics, the odds are you have experienced one of the following sensations:

  • Some stuff you buy in the shop contains less than before in the same size packaging
  • You keep hearing interest rates are near zero, or even negative, but no bank seems to want to pay you to have a loan with them
  • In rare cases where the spin doctors failed, actual prices are higher than before in your local currency
  • The experts nevertheless assure you the real danger is deflation and there is not enough inflation as measured by a formula of their own making
  • The news keeps telling of an economic recovery, but the food-stamp in your hand just doesn’t feel like a recovery
In a way we are all victims of this twilight zone absurdness, so it is easy to forget the most impacted victims of this whole farce: the humble, yet noble, bullion coin!

The future

These coins have faded from the limelight, freezing in the darkness in cold safes, developing a nervous twitch while baking under the florescent light in display cases and regularly being at the receiving end of the most harmful insult one can throw at a gold coin: “it’s not money”

It is time to take a stand for yourself, for mankind and for the bullion coins!

For every fiat equivalent amount of an ounce of gold we raise, one bullion coin will be adopted and given a home in a friendly atmosphere, with Mediterranean climate, world class wine, mountains and beaches to make it feel at home.

It will have a minimum stay of a month before it can be adopted by another loving family or return to “the system” in exchange for worthless paper.

There is even a chance that over time enough fiat is destroyed to adopt these coins that the world takes back control of it’s money. However remote that chance is, it is worth taking the plunge to secure a real economic recovery and reverse the effects of almost a century’s wrongdoing.

Adopt a bull-ion today or forever wonder what might have been …

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