Who / what is Lucid Ramble?

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The name’s Daniël Maree, I live in the greatest city in the world: Cape Town, South Africa

I’ve been an IT professional since 2004 and I somehow still enjoy the ridiculous amount of change the software development game throws my way every single day. I choose to believe this is a sign that I’m meant to be in this profession, as opposed to having a severe masochistic personality which would be the only other viable reason to deal with such volatility if one doesn’t enjoy it.

I’m immensely proud of my background as a full time software developer, which still serves me well i.t.o. critical thinking and diving head first into new projects, domains, technologies and the like, but I’ve been a full time line manager, project manager, scrum master, product manager and product owner for longer than I was a developer now.

The blog is mostly here as an outlet for my love of writing, hence topic wise it will vary depending on what I feel like writing about.

I dig cars, though never feel I have enough money to buy all the cars I’d love to own.

I enjoy the outdoors, travelling and whiskey (especially the kind spelled with that “e”).

I’m very interested in economics, the Austrian kind, and when it comes to investing I might be considered contrarian.

Love craft beer, even brewed my own a couple of times.

… oh and wine, I’ve been called a wine snob by multiple completely independent people, no clue what they’re on about, but I will say this: the only real wine is a dry red wine! Don’t get me started on Chardonnay and it’s full-bodied-ness and character, that’s what red wine is for. Although Merlot is for the weak and there is no such thing as Rosé or any remotely sweet (let alone dessert) wine in the wine dictionary of Daniël. Wine snob? pffffff

If you managed to read this far you either know me already, or you’re a bot, or perhaps you’re just a little intrigued. Here’s where you’ll find more about me:




or email: info <at> lucidramble <dot> com

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